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Julia Roberts Essay Research Paper Julia RobertsOne

Julia Roberts Essay, Research Paper
Julia Roberts
One of the most widely known actresses, Julia Fiona Roberts, was born on
October 28, 1967. This now 5 9, brown eyed, chatain clair haired girl was born in Smyrna, Georgia. She attended Campbell High School, also in Smyrna, Georgia,where she graduated in 1985. Julia s favorite of only a few past-times is knitting, which she sometimes does while waiting on set. Her favorite quote is, What changes with fame, I think, are perceptions of an individual, more than the individual. – Boston Herald, May 28, 1999.
Coming from a talented family, Julia Roberts was bound for stardom. Her
mother, Betty Motes, a church secretary, and her father, Walter Roberts, a vacuum cleaner salesman, had performed and taught workshops on acting and screenwriting. Separation struck these two when they divorced in 1971. Five years later, Julia s father died. Julia has three siblings: a brother Eric, and two sisters Lisa and half-sister Nancy. Eric and Lisa were both actors. She also has several puppies and a German Shepherd-Husky mix named Diego.
By watching Julia on screen you may be deceived, whereas she is not quite the glamorous, dressy gal you think. Julia s quite the opposite, she is a fast talking farm girl who often dresses grunge-like. Also, she is not a very competitive but never misses a chance to put on her dancing shoes.
Julia s homes vary across the United States from an apartment in the East to a house in the West to a retreat in the South. She owns a duplex apartment in New York, a house in Hollywood Hills and a fifty-acre retreat near Taos, New Mexico.
Your first thoughts may be that Julia Roberts was always an actress, but you are a bit off. Roberts first dream was to become a veterinarian but after she graduated from high school, she moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. While in New York, Julia sold sneakers at an Athlete s Foot until her career picked up. In the late 1980 s, Roberts had a modeling contract with the Click modeling agency, soon after, she landed her first motion picture role in Blood Red. Her first professional appearance was on a TV series, Crime Story in 1988. Romantic comedies and light dramas are where Julia is at her best.
Julia s marriage to Lyle Lovett was a brief, newsworthy event. She met Lovett just three weeks before the marriage, which took place June 27, 1993. The guests were given a seventy-two hour notice of the wedding. For twenty-one months, Julia and Lyle were known as celebritydom s oddest couple. Lovett once stated that he never spent seven straight days with Julia. This marriage ended in March of 1995 due to their star-crossed careers.
Throughout her acting career, Julia achieved a great amount of awards.
Between 1984 and 1999, Roberts appeared in twenty-seven movies. She held the role of Number One Female Box Office Star in the World and was the only actress in history to top $100 million at the US Box Office. Along with this, she won the People s Choice Award, was emmy-nominated for her guest appearance on Law and Order, was named one of People s 10 Best Dressed on September 20, 1999 and was Entertainment Weekly s entertainer of the year in 1990. Julia also was a nominee and/or winner at the 1989 Academy Awards, the 1990 Academy Awards, the 1990 British Academy Awards, the 1990 Golden Globe Awards, the 1991 Golden Globe Awards and the 1997 Golden Globe Awards.
Julia Fiona Roberts is a remarkable actress and person who paved a path for many actresses to come with her crazy personality and her wild way of doing things. She brought about a whole new vogue of acting. Trying to follow behind an actress that made such an impact in the movies today will be a hard task to accomplish.

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