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Good Cook Bad Cook Essay Research Paper

Good Cook, Bad Cook Essay, Research Paper
Good Cook, Bad Cook
There are a few differences between a good cook and a bad cook. Three qualities that make the difference between cooks is their timing, ability of taste recognition, and their ability to prepare food and make it look good. These qualities are important because, without them your next meal might end up a disaster.
Like some people say, timing is everything without timing, the meal you just spent hours on may just burn up. Sometimes you might think the food is fully cooked because it looks cooked on the outside. This mistake can happen to anyone and could cause a person to get salmonella or die. Food should be heated to a certain recommended temperature to insure that all the dangerous bacteria are eliminated. One good way to know if food like meat is cooked, is with a meat thermometer. For a cake the best way is to poke through the cake and pull out the toothpick, if it s clean the cake is done. The number one way is to use a timer, one that you can hear.
A bad cook or a beginner cook does not usually have exposure to a lot of the different flavors or smells. A lot of older folks like; my grandmother makes cakes and other foods from scratch. She learned how to make food like that from making them over and over again. She also learned to taste as she cooks to make sure it contains the right mixture. She has uses the herbs and spices enough to recognize what each taste like before it gets mixed in. That s what makes my grandmother a good cook. If the labels were taken off all the ingredients a good cook could tell you which is which.
The ability to prepare a meal is the easiest if you know exactly what the measurements are. If you do not know them, get as close as you can might work. Being a chief takes work and lots of it. Being able to cook is not all that hard. Preparing a meal takes only a few things. Equipment is one like, pots and pans, utensils, plates. The next thing is time, and last is instructions. Now in days food comes in a bow with three or four direction, so cooking takes ten to twenty minutes. For the meals where you have to gather ingredients and use a cookbook, knowing some of the terms the book uses is good. Art is something the world loves and if it likes good it gets recognition. The same goes with food, if it looks good people will give it a chance.
In the end the difference between a good cook and a bad one is the ability to follow direction. The four senses that help make a cook good or bad are smell, taste, sight, and touch. To be able to follow direction will make a simple meal into the best meal you ve ever had.

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