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Romeo And Juliet 13 Essay Research Paper

Young Love

At the age of 13, without having the experience of a previous relationship where there was both emotional and physical intimacy, can a girl know that she has found the right one, and that she should marry him? The answer to this question is no. Juliet was a fool, rushing into a marriage and dying for Romeo, a teenager she had barely met for a week. Romeo, equally as foolish as Juliet, makes the same mistake as Juliet by rushing into a relationship without enough life experience and deep contemplation of the possible consequences that might arise to such a controversial relationship. Romeo and Juliet are foolish and impetuous youths who become caught up in the idea of love and ultimately die for it.

One way that Romeo and Juliet are impetuous throughout this novel is in their lack of thought before they act on their emotions. While at a party, Romeo sees Juliet and right away Romeo loves her, and within the first ten minutes of them meeting, Romeo and Juliet start kissing. This is an obvious sign of impetuousness. Another fairly obvious one is when Juliet is awaking new from her nurse who is suppose to bring news of Romeo s decision to marry her. [put here a couple of lines from the play, right before the nurse brings news of Romeo marriage to her] Before the nurse enters, she paces around franticly wondering where her nurse is, and cursing her nurse. Then as soon as the nurse enters, Juliet starts yelling at her. The more the nurse avoids telling her, the more Juliet yells at her, until finally the nurse reveals the news, and Juliet stops her shrieking. Here Juliet was very impatient and in a rush, which led to her impetuous marriage to Romeo. There was no deep thought or consideration about the consequences that would occur if she was to marry the son, the heir of the Montague household, the hated enemy of her household.

Another example of their impulsiveness is when Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo is fully aware of the Prince s decree that any bloodshed between the two families will result not result in warnings but will result in death. He completely ignores the Prince s order however, and proceeds to kill Tybalt. If he had not killed Tybalt, he would have never been banished and they could have lived a happy life. However, one could say that because Tybalt killed Romeo s best friend Mercutio in a duel, that Romeo was obligated to defend his friend s honor. Although that is true, Romeo still did not consider the consequences that would befall his relationship with Juliet as a result of killing Tybalt. One last and the most important example of their impetuousness is the final scene. Romeo fearing that they will never be together again takes the poison, killing himself seconds before Juliet awakens from her sleep. A Juliet thinking only of her lost husband, kills herself, before she considers fleeing with the priest, and falling in love with another man. If Romeo had only waited, instead of being hasty, Juliet would have awaken in time to stop Romeo from killing himself. Juliet could of led a promising life had she not killed herself.

Their foolishness like impetuousness were dominant in their personalities. One way that they showed their foolishness was when they continued their relationship after they found out that the person that they loved was from a rival, and very much hated family. Any wise person would know that a relationship could not peacefully happen while two families have been feuding for so long that they can t even remember why they fight. That is why the nurse eventually tells Juliet to forget about Romeo and to marry Paris, why both Juliet s mother and father tells her to marry Paris and why the priest at the ends tells Juliet not to worry about Romeo s death and to flee quickly with him.

Another sign of their foolishness is when Juliet followed the advice of the priest and executed the ridiculous plan that he proposed. According to anyone s opinion, even Juliet s the plan was a bit radical and there were many, many possibilities of error. Here is one of the only times were Juliet isn t impetuous and deeply considers all the things that might happen to her if things go sour. [add her little speech for Act IV about what could happen if she wakes up in the tomb] Although here she is not impulsive, she still is foolishness. Knowing that all of these things could happen to her she still proceeds to take the drug, and pray that all of the timing and the execution of this plan goes perfectly.

Romeo and Juliet, a pair of star-crossed lovers, were truly in love, but their foolishness and impetuousness got the better of them and ultimately cost them their lives. Had these characteristics been less dominant in their decision making process, they could have had better lives. Children and teenagers are very often impetuous and thoughtless, not completely considering the consequences of their actions before they act, and that is one reason why a 13 year old girl can not fully comprehend what she is getting herself into when she commits to a serious relationship.


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