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Child Molestation In Corpus Christi Essay Research


Child Molestation in Corpus Christi

Child molestation is a problem that occurs to often in a smaller city like Corpus Christi, and can be caused by the abuser having an abusive childhood, a chemical imbalance, or drug related abuse as a child. Child molestation is the sexual or physical abuse of a child, and all of the factors above play a role in this form of mistreatment.

First of all, if a person grows up with an abusive childhood then they are likely to abuse their own children. Having a traumatic childhood involving molestation is the reason for many incidents involving molestation. Being molested as a child is yet another excuse that is significantly overused. (Dahlberg) This is the statement of a prosecutor on trial against an alleged sex offender, and it proves that the defendant claims that the reason he molested the child was because he himself was molested as a child. Another reason why a person might molest a child is because they grew up in a secluded neglectful environment, where they there were no authority figures or rules to follow. Like when the father of a son convicted of the molestation of a child said, Kenny is a follower and a loner, he got drug into this all. (Koidin) Parents have a great effect on how a child grows and matures, and if the parents don t follow the rules then the child will most likely not either.

Another reason why child molestation takes place is a chemical imbalance that occurs in the minds of some individuals. People that have a mental handicap or problems with depression tend to be more likely to carry out a crime of this sort. The reason they are more likely to molest a child is because of their mental incapability s in deciphering right from wrong. A manic-depressive might molest a child because he feels he has no reason left to live. A mentally instable person might also commit such an act because of an outburst of sexual energy. The reason they would target younger children is because of their vulnerability and defenselessness.

Drug related abuse and molestation is the most common reason these sorts of transgressions take place. When people are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs their judgment becomes impaired and they don t make decisions they would normally make. They become angry more frequently and can t decipher right from wrong, so they do what ever they want and don t think of the repercussions of their acts.

In conclusion, an abusive childhood, a chemical imbalance, or drug related abuse, are all factors that contribute to child molestation. People that have problems such as these are more likely to participate in this offense, other than people without these problems.

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