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Abortion Analysis Essay Research Paper Ellen Willis

Abortion Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Ellen Willis has written this article based on personal views, opinions and

experiences. She openly expresses that the issue of abortion is a woman?s

issue and should therefore be discussed with the woman in mind. She accepts the

fact that others consider abortion to be a life issue and understands their

feelings as to why they argue this point. It is recognized very early on that

Ms. Willis is a feminist arguing the fact the fetus occupies a woman?s body to

become a human being. She is trying to emphasize that in the pursuit to save a

fetus that the woman?s feelings, body and life are being forgotten. The

article continues on arguing the point that the fetus should not be the sole

consideration when arguing this issue. The subject of the responsibility of

having sex with contraception was briefly discussed. Whether the responsibility

is that of the man?s or that of the woman?s could easily be the discussion

of another article. Ms. Willis mentions this topic only to remind the reader

that accidents do occur. Using the argument that if a person does not want to

get pregnant in the first place that they should just use birth control.

Unfortunately, the article reminds us that it is not that easy. This does not

encourage that abortion should be used as birth control. She is reminding the

reader that a woman should not be forced to have a child because the birth

control method failed. Extremists seem to be of great concern in this article.

Ms. Willis argues that one can not fight for life by destroying another. She

wants people to understand that it is fine to have opinions. It is the actions

of the extremist that are of concern. The article discusses that to put the life

of a developing fetus as higher priority as a living human being is

inconceivable. Ms. Willis then personalizes the issue by discussing the birth of

her own child. She explains that she knows first hand what a toll a woman?s

body and mind take during pregnancy and the birth of a baby. She welcomed the

?inconveniences? of pregnancy because she wanted a baby. She also makes you

think about what this may be like if it would be an unwanted pregnancy. She

reiterates the lack of control that a woman has regarding her own body when

it?s occupied by a fetus. Ms. Willis argues that if abortion is taken away as

an option for woman they have yet another thing out of their control. The

article then takes an unexpected turn. Ms. Willis openly admits not only that

she in fact previously had an abortion, but since the birth of her child her

views of abortion have changed. She still feels that the political issues remain

the same but her personal views have changed. To have an abortion and to have a

child were both her choices. The point of the article that never varied was the

belief that abortion is a feminist issue. Ms. Willis?s continued to believe

that woman should be kept in mind when considering the abortion issue.

Abortion: Whose Right to Life Is It Anyway – Ellen Willis, The Village Voice,

July 16, 1985

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