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Global Imbalance In Food Supply Essay Research


Right now, developing countries are starving to death and the developed countries are worried about which type of cheese they should buy. This is called an imbalance in food supply. There’s too much food in the developed countries, and not enough in the developing countries.

Three quarters of the world’s population is inadequately fed and the majority of these live in the developing countries. Massive surpluses exist in Europe and the US. Malnutrition and undernutrition is generally caused by poverty. Markets in the developed countries are often too big and produce too much food for a population to consume. Developed countries’ agriculture is lacking from unemployment, untreated diseases, food shortage, bad hygiene, lack of doctors, lack of capital, low income, unsuccessful agriculture and the constant threat from the developed world who takes their money away. All these are factors of food shortage in the developed countries. The United Nations try to help but they don’t help in the long run. Instead of helping the dying ones they should get the standard of living higher, especially in terms of education. A national income doesn’t increase if the percentage of the population in a developed country working in agriculture is increased.

There is a concern in the developing countries about food availability, stability of supplies and access to supplies. Former approaches by the Food and Agriculture Organization to food security emphasized

the supply side – food availability and supply stability – in particular through the building and maintenance of adequate levels of food stocks at the national and/or regional and international levels.

For North America’s agriculture, the war years were a period of expansion and prosperity. Agricultural production in this region increased by one third compared with pre-war levels, and net cereal exports rose from about 5 million tonnes in 1938 to an annual average of 17.5 million tonnes in 1946-48. Europe’s net annual cereal imports rose from 9.5 million to 14 million tonnes at the same time.

About 800 million people in the world were undernourished and that the threat of malnourishment was increasing in many countries. The need for closer identification of the causes, nature and magnitude of

the problem so as to define coordinated strategies and realistic objectives; and the need to enhance international solidarity and mobilize the necessary resources.

The Plan of Action adopted by the EU affirmed the commitment of the international community to eradicating the hunger and malnutrition affecting about one fifth of the developing world’s population, and specifically to halving the number of undernourished people in the world within a period of 20 years. The EU also confirmed a consensus on several important points: that the problems of hunger

and malnutrition are associated primarily with poverty.

The general environment for growth and food security was improved by a move towards democratic regimes, particularly in Africa, and a consolidation of economic reforms that began to yield long-awaited results. Many developing countries, including some of the largest and most populous, benefited from this process and made further inroads into the longstanding problems of hunger and malnutrition.


Special attention has to be paid to the importance of increasing food production and productivity so that food could be made available at reasonable prices for the developing countries. Also, the developing countries must find better ways to import. The developed countries must pursue economic goals without the current levels of inacceptable environmental damage to themselves and other nations; World security is an achievable goal, but not with countries that harm themselves. An exception is Asia which has half of the world’s population but only one fifth of the earth’s surface, on top of that it is almost entirely dependent on agricultural exports. It’s population is a big problem which is impossible to solve unless the government spreads a new virus, or enhance their AIDS virus. Asia will always be helpless and it is entirely uncontrollable.



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