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Schizophenia Essay Research Paper Schizophenia is a

Schizophenia Essay, Research Paper

Schizophenia is a mental illness that makes it difficult for a person to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences, to think logically, to express normal emotional responses or to behave normally in many social situations. Jerold and Heather are two individuals that I would like to exert many of the tragic symptoms of this disorder. To begin with, Jerold and Heather exhibited many of the some emotions and behaviors when certain confrontations of life arose. Heathers parents, as well as Jerold?s, earged her to return to the institution where professionals could observe her mental state and possibly help her state of mind. Neither of the two wanted to go to the institution because they felt that the world was conspiring to kill them. Another example of an innappropriate emotional response occurred when Jerold was sitting with his father in their home. Jerold repeatedly asked his father why he wanted to hurt him. To further enlighten you, Jerold and Heather shared many physical similarities. One being, they experienced symptoms of the disease early in life. Jerold and Heather were also extreamly definsive of going for care. When the topic came up, they both became verbally aggressive. Jerold, as well as Heather, frequently smoked. I believe that they used this technique to relax and calm themselves. Perhaps the most intriguing of all, Jerold and Heather seemed to exhibit the same thought patters. Jerold and Heather?s conversations were filled with random and incoherent thoughts. They also talked expeditiosly for long periods of time and then would just shut down. It was almost as if they had become catitonic for a short time. The most fascinating thing in their minds, however, was the level of intelligence. Though their thoughts were unconnected, Jerold and Heather had an extensive vocabulary and referred to objects and ideas with knowledge. In summation, the tragic symptoms of the disease Schizophenia has consumed the lives of two more human beings.

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