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Revolving Door Justice Essay Research Paper Revolving

Revolving Door Justice Essay, Research Paper

Revolving Door Justice

1) Plea Bargaining is when a person may agree to lesser crime as to not clog up the jury system but when this can be made the accused will wait for a good deal. I think that this is a bad idea because it makes it seem like the justice system can be bought or bargained with and laws can be bent.

2) Parole is the ability to get out of jail under the watch of the state. Parole is an iffy thing, it is great for those who are sane and deserve a second chance but how do you tell if a total stranger is truly all right in the head. What the Reader’s Digest told you was the horrors of the system but then there are those who committed crimes but aren’t really bad there is no real way that you can not have a few that get away from you when you go threw hundreds of people daily. I am not saying that there is no room for improvement on there part but they are better than nothing. You can say how could they let these psychos out of prison where they should be. But then you have the humanitarians saying to err is human to forgive divine. Well you can’t have both unless there are people who can read the souls of people and be able to tell who is really reformed.

3) Good Behavior is use to try to let those who have reformed be rewarded in a shorter sentence rather than those who weren’t behaving well. Just like parole you have the humanitarians who say this is inhuman making this person rot in jail when he is all better then they get the people that complain that that psycho killed and raped my daughter well I guess that you shouldn’t have been humane and let him go. I may be breezing over the fact of over crowing well that may be a factor but I will discuss it later.

Author’s Suggestions

I think that the idea of more prisons is all right who can call the idea wrong but I think that we ought to see how much honor there is among thieves and stick them all together in some city and see if there is not a set of rules written or spoken along with some hierarchy there would be prisoners of the people in the prison. Convicts are unavoidable but then again you could send them to an other country that needs an other set of hands there we would not have to pay 68 dollars a day to let them rot in jail but to let them work themselves to the bone for nothing but to help an other country. This is just what Britain did until there were no new places to send people. The idea of sentences actually meaning something should have never gone away in the first place. Of course people should stay in jail until what the smallest number in there sentence is obtained ex.) 7 to 10 years should be a minimum of seven years incarceration.

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