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Philippine Business Environment Essay Research Paper

” The countries that will achieve steady and economic growth in the 21st century are those that go with the

tide “.

An economic manager must look into his resources and not on what other countries have. The Philippines

is rich with natural resources , raw material and especially manpower. That’s why when we made a move to

improve our economic condition , The Sick Man of Asia was renamed as the New Tiger Cub of Asia. A

name signaling other countries that a new threat for world leadership has arrive.

We have attracted lots of foreign investors to invest in the Philippines and many more of them are coming .

So what’s next ? We should not be satisfied of what we are seeing. We should concentrate in the welfare of

our people. Since there’s an influx of foreign investors here, it is the proper time to show what the Filipinos

are made of .Proper promotion of micro-enterprises , and especially promoting rapid development of

human capabilities. As an economic strategy this may sound small but actually this is in preparation of

something big for us.

Technology today has change the world’s vision of business. Because of technology we know can

communicate better and faster. Everybody is just a phone call away or should we say an E-mail away.

Everybody can do business anywhere at anytime . Thus born a new commerce, the E-commerce, or simply

the Electronic-commerce and with its birth came Globalization. It is the global expansion of trade and

investment , even though there are still lots of arguments whether to join or not this trend, we should be

ready. We should look at all the possibilities of this trend. We should be prepared for it otherwise we will

be left behind .

Singapore is now leading this market of E-commerce in Asia, but because this country is not a democratic

country investors are having a hard time doing their job, that’s why they are looking for another place . And

that’s where we go in, we have the people, a good strategic position in Asia, and lastly we follow the rules

of democracy . We might not have the best but we have the better men for the job. Filipinos literacy is very

high compare to other countries in Asia and we are very adaptable . By creating T-Zones or Technology

Zones where all about technology will be seen and used , local and foreign investors will surely come and

put up their business here for good . And remember more investors means more profit, the economy will

surely skyrocket and the employment rate will soar up. Thus, given our people a fair chance of living a

comfortable life. We will be the Center of Technology Services in Asia and this will surely lever our status

in the world from a tiger cub to !

The New Tiger of Asia , and maybe just maybe The Dragon of Asia.

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