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Obsession With Sex In Todays Soceity Essay

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Do you go out a lot? What do you look for at a good party? The answers to these questions could help you decide if a party with alcohol or one with out would better suit you. These are the two main types of parties with the two main groups of partygoers at each one. Each set of people have different motives, techniques on how to party good, and different places to go, which is why it is rare to see the two groups party together and really enjoy themselves. A party with alcohol is different compared to one without in many ways, but both parties are enjoyed and are both suited for a variety of people with mutual respect for the other.

A party with alcohol is more likely to have an older group of people attending with many persons over the legal age for buying and consuming alcohol. On the other hand, in many cases a party without alcohol is entertaining a younger group of people who are not prepared or of legal age to buy alcohol. People tend to flock to their friends so that may determine who goes where in this case, but many times for younger crowds the parties with beer are for the cool kids. This is the one that everyone wants to be at.

How many drinks can you name? Maybe seven or eight off the top of your head? Now, think of how many would be even better mixed with alcohol. This nearly doubles your choices of drinks, if not triples it. When tequila or gin is added as an option to drink, the choices immediately expand, and this attracts the crowds. Besides hard liquor, beer is always present at any party with alcohol. A party with a bar, is one that all can enjoy even if it is only to sip a coke, this is a good choice for either partygoer.

I believe it can safely be said that one of the main reasons for partying is to have fun. Fun is defined differently for everyone, and this is perhaps the most diverse topic for drinkers and non-drinkers. Those that drink like to get wild, crazy, and even at times belligerent. I could imagine that is not too fun to a sober person unless they can acknowledge the humor in it. (And most don?t!) It can get old to watch someone fall down, puke, roll in it, and get up stumbling. The non-alcoholics would probably prefer to watch a game of Pictionary or Wheel of Fortune. These two ideas of fun don?t come close to matching.

As is seen here, the absence or presence of alcohol at a party makes a huge difference. Although, it is always an option to turn down a drink, some non-drinkers do not even prefer to be faced with the decision. This is why that these two groups are separated and that it is usually best to be. It is merely your decision on what kind of party person you are: either you like to hang with the younger crowd or you seek an older group of friends, or either you like many choices to drink and like to get drunk and sloppy, or you would prefer to stick to the basics and drive home. Neither choice is better than the other, but each group of people need to have a mutual respect for the other.


This is compare/contrast essay between a party with alcohol versus one without.

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