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The Storm Essay Research Paper Kate Chopins

The Storm Essay, Research Paper

Kate Chopin?s ?The Storm?, is a short story about a brief love affair that takes place during a storm that has separated Calixta with her husband and son. The title ?The Storm? is an obvious reference to the storm outside, but more importantly to the love affair that takes place. The title refers to nature, which is symbolically used again and again in the story.

Chopin uses words like ?somber clouds?, ?threatening roar?, and ?sinister intentions? to describe the approaching storm. Later in the story those same words in reference to the storm outside, will also be represented symbolically to the storm brewing inside with the love affair.

In the beginning of the story Bobinot and his son Bibi stay at a store to let the storm pass by. Calixta, the wife , is at home by herself doing some chores around the house. As the storm starts to approach, Alcee rides in and asks Calixta if he could come in until the storm passes. It starts to rain immediately after he arrives. It?s important to know that Alcee and Calixta had past together which he brings up to her later in the story. It is also stated that she has never seen him alone. The storm starts to increase outside, reflecting the sexual tension inside.

The storm?s sinister intention appears when ?The rain beat upon the shingled roof that threatened to break an entrance…?. It seems that the storm knows what is going on between the two and is threatening to break in and ruin their chances.

They move through out the house and end up in the bedroom ?with its white, monumental bed, its closed shutters, looked dim and mysterious. The bed being white symbolizes purity. The two then make their way to the window to watch the storm outside when lightning strikes nearby, falling back into his arms. The storm in a sense seems to be forcing them together now. They then embrace each other in the peek of the storm where things really start to get stormy in the love affair.

The two then start making out yahda, yahda, yahda. The thunder is now distant and passing away. The storm outside turns into a soft, lighter rain, being symbolic that the storm is ending. The rain is now over and the sun comes out and the brief love affair is over and Alcee rides off.

Bobinot and Bibi walk through the mud left behind by the storm as they return home. They all sit down as a family and eat dinner as if nothing ever happened. For Calixta the story ends with her renewal of her marital commitment. She is now aware of her natural and passionate nature. The storm in a sense was a cleansing of the soul for Calixta.

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