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Animals And Humans Essay Research Paper 1

Animals And Humans Essay, Research Paper

1. There is an enormous different between the life of humans and other animals.

First of all, humans are clearly at the top of significance for the simple

reason that they are at the top of food chain. This is what allows people to

dictate society. Combine this with the fact that humans have the ability to

reason, and it is clear that people have more of a significance. It is as simple

as this, no other species as the ability to end the entire world with tools

which they have created. The purpose of human life is to strive to your calling.

Obviously, this is a vague and general statement. That is because every single

person lives their lives in a different light. A person has to live a life in

which they can look upon their dead body and say, ?Yeah, I did live a life

that I accomplished something.? I have not found my calling yet. I do not know

what my life is for yet. Until I do, I am striving for what is important to me

now. Right now, I lead a goal oriented life. I have certain goals for tennis, as

well as school that are my priorities right now. Also, it is important to me to

stay in touch with my family. Right now my life is not headed in any direction.

But soon I hope to find my calling, and live my life down a path that I create

and dictate myself, not a predetermined one. 2. I do not know what my beliefs

are about God. I believe that there is something. I mean, all this ?stuff?

of life just seems to complex to just randomly appear. There is just to much in

life to be a product of formulas and science. Also, I know sometimes when a

friend takes me to church and it is time to pray, something happens. I get a

warm feeling inside and I am calmed. Is this just because the soothing music

sounds nice? I don?t know. But where is God? He isn?t in space. He isn?t

in the ocean. This is my problem in believing. And religious people?s

explanation for this is that you need to have ?faith.? This concept of faith

just doesn?t make sense to me. I guess my beliefs in science come into play.

3. Out of those three examples, the most real to me is the chair. I appreciate

things I can understand. I know that because of the four legs, combines with the

base of the chair, the wood serves as a functional chair. But the molecules? I

don?t understand all that. I mean, If I took chemistry I guess I could, but

then again maybe not. All it would take to discount all of our Science knowledge

would be the discovery of aliens (of which I believe in). And as far as images

and sensory go, those definitely are not real. This is because we have to

interpret these things. And the way we interpret them is through past

experiences, for this reason they do not seem to be able to be defined as

?real? to me. 4. To prove that I had a mind, I can only think of one thing

to do. That would be to spell something in the ground bedding with my hands. To

disprove the theorist, I would argue that I do have a mind. It is my mind which

enables me to change society. It is the mind that makes people think

differently. 5.Of coarse it is possible that only you are right. But, it is also

possible that nobody knows the truth. After all, ?The truth is out there.?

6. It is impossible to do. In fact sometimes I have this same fear in my mind.

To me the worst thing to possibly happen is for you to read a book, and to find

out at the end that the entire thing was a dream. If I where to find out that my

entire life was the mere product of someone?s dream, I would be very pissed

off. 7.I really would not know what to say. I would tell them that I am a human

being from Earth. On earth humans are the dominant and ?superior? species. I

would explain to the alien that on Earth, humans all have different talents and

exceed at different things.

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