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Girls And Boys Essay Research Paper Girls

Girls And Boys Essay, Research Paper

Girls and Boys

For my entire life I have noticed a prejudice between the genders. Constantly I hear guys saying ?I?m so sick of girls!?, or girls saying ?All men are jerks!?. I personally don?t understand. To me girls are the best people to be around, they always smell good and you don?t have to worry about proving who can drink a beer the fastest or who can beat the crap out of who. From the first day of school all the way through High School guys and gals have never gotten along very well, but it does get better with time.

This whole abhorrence with each other began in kindergarten, thanks to a little creature called a cootie. Now you?ve probably never seen a cootie and there is a very good reason for this, there is no such thing. But somehow this little imaginary creature had every kid ages six to nine running around feverishly giving each other ?cootie shots.? Kids did this because they were afraid that the other gender had these ?cooties? on their hands, so the object of life was to not be touched by them. This insane show of ill-affection lasts until somtime in the second or third grade.

During this next phase of life boys and girls just don?t talk to one another. They completely sever ties for about one-year, the guys try and sit on one side of the classroom, and the girls on the other. On the playground the boys play kickball and the girls jump rope in the parking lot. Then slowly towards the beginning of fourth grade they start speaking to each other again. This is the most entertaining part of growing up; this is when they start having boyfriend girlfriend relationships. A boyfriend girlfriend relationship is a funny thing, it?s when a boy kisses a girl and then they say hi to each other once a day. Thats it. This continues for about two more years until Junior High School begins.

In Junior High it starts getting a little more serious, they start calling each other on the phone at night and eating lunch together. Now the prejudice between the two has cooled to a simmer, and is only prevelant on rare occasions. These occasions are at the school dances. This unexplainable phenomena still confuses me to this day. The school announces that there will be a dance on Friday, so everyone spends the week frantically trying to find a date. Once Friday comes around everyone puts on their nicest clothes and loads up in mom?s vista cruiser and heads to the dance. As soon as everyone is inside the girls stand on one side of the cafeteria and the boys stand on the other side, then when a slow song is played the couples stand arms length apart and sway back and forth until the song is over, and then run back to their respective sides.

This brings us to High School. This is a time where boys and girls finally get along, for the most part. They date and talk to each other all the time. One thing that causes conflict is when two people break up, because then none of the friends of the two people involved are aloud to talk to anyone in the other persons group of friends. The main prejudice in High School is that the younger girls date the older guys, and so the older girls date college guys, and this leaves the younger guys with no one to date.

Even at their best the birds and the bees just can?t seem to get along in perfect harmony. As much as I?ve seen of life I can?t tell if there is a solution to the problem or not, I guess only time will tell.

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