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What Are The Characteristics Of The Literature

Of Wwi Essay, Research Paper

The Great War or 1914-1918, which is famous by the name World War I , resulted in having changes in the society and the culture.

The time during which the war occurred was very noble for the literature s writers. This was the time when all sorts of writings appeared. Literary facts have mentioned to us people’s feelings during and after these events.

Depersonalizing and dehumanizing became very common among people. As the war went on the image of dehumanizing became more popular. Writers, Pat Barker and Sebastian Faulks, continued the trend that reflected the language and imagery.

These writers had another feature that was dichotomies. This feature was very widely used. IT showed the god and the bad part of an object. For example us and them (the enemy), and, the ugliness of the war-torn landscape and the beauty of nature.

At the time of the war people were very loyal, passionate, and absolute who appeared as harmless. The writers have removed the reality of their writings by using very positive facts to hide away the bad points. This caused only the good parts of the war to remain, which would let the readers perceive that the soldiers were great and had no difficulty with the war. These writings highlighted the mood of the soldiers, which reflected the positive parts. These poems and writings show the landscape of the war as very simple and harmless one. The soldiers saw how other soldiers beliefs in religions and the government have been destroyed. This indicated to us how easy it was to get rid of something important. The only thing, which they could depend on, was depending on each other. The late writings by writers, who experienced the war, explained the bravery of the soldiers.

The censorship played a major role in developing the role of the soldiers. The media censored the negative points so the people won t be afraid and would not fear facing the war s landscape again.

In addition to all the previous features, this war lead to generating a language of its own. Words such as dugouts funk holes , whiz bangs , five-nines . They had their own codes that they used to communicate among each other.

For a conclusion I state that the history have played a major role in changing the literature. This change have continued for more than half a century and should continue to be a part of the literature s history, because it is too unique to be left behind.

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