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Al Gore For President Essay Research Paper

I would like to see Al Gore be our next president. Clinton has done a good job and Al

Gore was right there helping to make it happen. As a Vice President, Al Gore has been

the most active and involved in history. Most Vice President’s do little or nothing but give

political speeches when the president is busy. But Al Gore has been active in reforming

government and cutting the size of government by 250,000 non-military jobs.

I want Gore to become President because he has alot to offer in his educational

proposals and this is very important to me. Gore’s plans depend on leaving the existing

public-school structure in place; a man who depends on the support of the teachers’

billion to offer preschool education to every 4-year-old by 2005, introducing mandatory

testing for teachers & salary bonuses for the most successful, reducing class sizes,

bolstering after-school programs, and building on existing proposals to improve failing

schools. Gore calls for a $115 billion public education investment plan paid out of a trust

fund and with 10 percent of the federal budget surplus. Rather than deny funding to

lagging schools, says they should be shut down and reopened under new administrations.

He is opposed to vouchers. Gore has also proposed initiatives to help families pay their

education and job training costs, including tax deductions for college tuition; Life-Long

Learning investment accounts, and a National Tuition Savings Program.

Gore would also create “21st Century Teacher Corps” that would offer college

scholarships for young people willing to teach for at least four years in “high-need”

school districts, proposes requiring all teachers to pass performance evaluations every

five years to retain their teaching licenses, supports creating a tax-free savings plan that

Americans could use to save for their children’s higher education or to return to school .

themselves, opposed to school vouchers, and received the endorsement of the National

Education Association, and the American Federation of Teachers.

Gore also supports hiring 50,000 more police officers, adding Victims’ Bill of Rights to

the Constitution, giving states grants to test parolees for drugs, an expansion of the death

penalty for drug kingpins, murderers of federal law enforcement officers, “Three

Strikes?You’re Out” law, and trying 13-year-olds who are accused of committing a

violent crime as adults in some limited cases and involving very serious crimes.

He also proposes a system of photo licensing for all handgun purchases, bans on assault

weapons, mandatory reporting of gun sales to government authorities, a three-day waiting

period for purchasing a handgun, background checks at gun shows, and requires trigger

locks on handguns.

He wants to ban all drilling off California and Florida coasts and spend $2 billion over

the next 10 years to create new parklands and preserve open spaces. The plan would

provide a 50% reduction in capital gains taxes on the transfer of private property into

conservation, and an increase in tax incentives for landowners who transfer properties

near cities or reforest private lands. He also supports protecting the environment in ways

that creates jobs and economic growth through new public-private partnerships in areas

such as fuel-efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, and tourism and recreation. He

proposed a new “Livability Initiative” that outlines steps to help communities preserve

green space, ease traffic congestion, and pursue regional “smart growth” strategies. In

short Gore provides Health Insurance for all children, protects the environment, and

enforces pollution laws. He also supports increases in minimum wage and equal pay for

equal work for women.

Bush spent over 100 million dollars on his campaign before the first primary vote was

cast. More money than Clinton and Dole did combined in the whole 1996 campaign. If

Bush becomes president, he’s going to pay back that 100 million dollars with a trillion of

out tax dollars. That’s a real good return on investment for the super rich. That’s why the

centerpiece of the Bush plan is a big break for rich people.

Clinton and Gore came in and took responsibility and turned the economy around so

that now we have a budget surplus instead of never ending debt. We’re paying down the

national debt and the economy is strong. Clinton and Gore made it happen. Gore now has

7 years of experience working with President Clinton and is ready to move up to the top

spot. There’s a saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” I rather doubt that America is going

to change leadership when things are going so well. The bottom line is, Al Gore is a good

man who will do the right thing. That’s why I support Al Gore.

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