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Some facts about London

Some facts about London

London has been home of many famous Englishmen. Some
were born there. Some lived there all their lives. Others lived in London only
for a short time but all gave something to this great city

One of the first names of importance is that of
Geoffrey Chaucer, the poet. He lived most of his life in London. He knew the
courts of King Richard II d King Henry IV. His most famous work, 'The
Canterbury Tales", opens at the Tabard Inn, in Southwark. Chaucer held
official posts in London and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

William Shakespeare also lived in London. He lived
there for more than twenty years. He acted at the Globe Theatre and wrote his
plays in London. But London's famous men are not only writers. Sir Christopher
Wren, the architect, spent most of his life in London. He designed many
beautiful churches, including St. Paul's Cathedral. He also designed palaces
and fine houses.

Music is represented by a very interesting figure.
This is George Frederick Handel. He came to London from Hanover in 1710. He
lived for a time at Burlington House, Piccadilly, now the Royal Academy. After
some success and some failure he at last became famous. This happened when he
composed "The Messiah". "Judas Maccabeus". and 'The Music
for the Royal Fireworks". Like Chaucer and many other great artists.
Handel is buried in Westminster Abbey.

Another famous London figure is one of England's
greatest seamen. Admiral Lord Nelson. He has a very special memorial in
Trafalgar Square. The monument consists of a very tall column. On top of it
stands a figure of Nelson. It is called the Nelson Column. Equally famous is
the general who led the army at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. This was the
Duke of Wellington. His house stands at Hyde Park Comer. It is sometimes known
as Number One, London. Like Admiral Nelson, the Duke of Wellington is buried in
St. Paul's Cathedral.


1. Where is London situated?

2. Is London the largest city in Britain?

3. What is its population?

4. What is the role of London in the life of Britain?

5. What parts does London consist of?

6. What can the West End be called? What places of
interest are situated in the West End?

7. What are the best known streets?

8. What is the most famous park in London?

9. What is Downing Street known for?

10. What is the name "West End" associated

11. Why is Trafalgar Square named so?

12. Where were British monarchs crowned?

13. London is a big cultural centre, isn't?

14. Why is Buckingham Palace so interesting for

15. What is the financial centre of Great Britain?

16. Is East End of London attractive in appearance?

17. Who lives there?

18. What famous museums would you like to visit in

19. What is the symbol of London and Great Britain?

20. If you found yourself in London what would you
like to visit first?

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