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Some people say that your schooldays are the happiest days of your life. But others are glad to leave it as soon as possible. There are some different types of schools existing in England. Among them are local grammar schools, modern schools, secondary schools, comprehensive schools and public schools. Which is the best to attend? It depends on the features of character or on personal privileges. I’m sure if you chose the right way to go you’ll consider your school days to be the happiest time in your life, because when you are school a schoolboy your problems a much more easy than in the adult life. As for me I enjoyed my schooldays. I studied in co-educated comprehensive school which wasn’t really big. I can’t understand the pleasure of studying separately in all-girls’s school, where you have to wear uniform. Here are some in my city but fortunately I didn’t have to wear white socks, white blouses, matching blue skirts and blazers, and funny little hats and I could express my individuality through the way I dress. I’m sure that the girls studied in such kind of school grow up a bit snobbish. And also girls studied separately from boys becomes terribly shy of them even for a couple of years they left school simply because they hadn't met many. So I’m happy that I studied in co-educational school. And also the school of academic type requires much time to study but they don’t teach a few basics for example the cookery or needlework. Actually I had such a lessons but that time a hated it! I would like better to play football then to study how to needle. Sports were very important for me - I believe that team games teach people to work together, and we played every afternoon. The result is that I can't even make a decent omelette. I wish I had studied basics more because now I have to study it myself. I liked games much! A lot of girls running round a hockey field on a afternoon. I like it! However I hated the physical education practice in school because we had to run throughout the lesson. But I hate running at all! I prefer playing games to running. Some people leave school early, after they finish the nine form and want to start earning a living as soon as possible in the real world. Most of the teachers they thought were boring, and they didn't seem to understand us. They lived in a different world. They couldn't understand that we didn't want the things they wanted.   But only few of the people left school early could earn good salaries after. I think that being a teacher is a really difficult job and in spite that I’ll get the diploma of teacher i hope not to teach. But, of course I’ll have to. I’m sure in it. But I’d rather not to go back to school. I was happy there being a pupil but I can’t even imagine myself coming back to teach. The only exemption of teacher to my mind is that their holidays are long. I think teachers are I feel a pity that in our school wasn’t a wide choice of subjects. I wish I could have studied some special subject or could have attended some facultative subjects. But I suppose when you study in a big school the education is a bit impersonal sometimes. I wish we had produced the school newspaper. I thought about becoming a journalist and may be the work in the school newspaper could help me to make this decision or over wise to strength my desire being a translatorSome of my friends left at 16, and they now regret leaving so early. Some of them would have done very well academically, if they had been encouraged enough. Still, maybe things are different now. But I don’t regret studying till the 11s form. And a also graduated at 16. So I have plenty of reserve time. I don’t regret having non privileged education. Academic standards weren’t very high and I wouldn’t able to go for  exampleon to Oxford. The thing I remember most is the comradeship. The friendships I made there have lasted through my life. I think schools ought to give more advice on careers and there should be more specific job preparation. If I'd known more about job possibilities, I'd've done other subjects.

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