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Our Constitution is our choice

Context 1. The history of Constitution 2. Articles 10, 3. Articles 4. Educational problems 5. School education 6. The Unified State Exam 7. Courses 8. On lectures daily 9. In the morning work, in the evening classes 10. Problems of educational research 11. The attitude of teenagers Our Constitution is our choice

All countries all over the world have their own domed of rules, which is necessary for regulation human s behavior, people s rights and their duties. All main Russian laws can be found in its Constitution. The word Constitution came from the Latin word constitution which means board. Constitution is the main low of the state which shows social and political board, suffrage, the main

rights and duties of its people. The Constitution of Russian Federation was last adopted in 1993 of course, our Constitution has some differences from the Constitution of such countries like France, Germany, Japan, Italy, but in general it has the same aspects. The leader of the State is the President. Here is the scheme of our authority

Authority Government of Federation legislativeexecutivejudicial Federation gatheringSupremeArbitration Constitutional GosDumaCouncil of Federation Article 10 State power in the Russian Federation shall be exercised on the basis of the separation of the legislative, executive and judiciary branches. The bodies of legislative, executive and judiciary powers shall be independent.

Article 1 State power in the Russian Federation shall be exercised by the President of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly Council of the Federation and State Duma, and the government of the Russian Federation and courts of the Russian Federation.2 State power in the subjects of the Russian Federation shall be exercised by the organs of state authority

formed by them.3 The scopes of authority and powers of the bodies of state authority of the Russian Federation and the bodies of state authority of the subjects of the Russian Federation shall be delimited under this Constitution, Federal and other Treaties on the delimitation of scopes of authority and powers. Article 1 Everyone shall have the right to education.2

The accessibility and gratuity of pre-school, general secondary and vocational secondary education in public and municipal educational institutions and enterprises shall be guaranteed.3 Everyone shall have the right to receive, free of charge and on a competitive basis, higher education in a state or municipal educational institution or enterprise.4 Basic general education shall be mandatory. Parents or persons substituting for them shall make provisions

for their children to receive basic general education.5 The Russian Federation shall institute federal state educational standards and support various forms of education and self-education. In our report we decide to pay attention to the 43-rd article of the Constitution which tells us about the education. Nowadays this problem worries teenagers most of all. We decided to try and see the difference between the education these days and those days, to find out

if it is easy to enter the university and if you need to get the second higher education. Educational Programs Context of Educational programsGroups of Educational programsThe form of getting educationLevels of EducationI. Base educationII. Middle full educationIII. First professionalIV. Average professionalV. Higher professional

VI. Infant schoolJunior schoolBase schoolMiddle Full Extra-muralFamily educationSelf-educationExtern Extra General First professional Average professionalHigher professionalSecond Higher professional The first place where child begins studying is kinder-garden. Ten years ago the children were not taught any subjects.

In general they only used to play, draw, do sport and dance. But nowadays they taught to speak foreign languages, how to read and write, about the biology and ecology and so on. School Education We think it s important what education students get at schools. If it is good and children get the basic knowledge of different subjects, it ll be very useful in their further lives. Nowadays there are a lot of schools where students can get more information on a particular

subject mathematic, literature, foreign languages biology, astronomy and so on. Unfortunately, a lot of parents choose the school for their children guiding if it is next to the house or not. But it isn t quite right. There are a lot of private schools but it is rather difficult to get the right for studying there. Groups at such schools are very small and children have more the chance to learn more about the subjects it s plus. But atmosphere there isn t very good sometimes - its minus

and sometimes isn t very helpful for studying. Our school education is known in the whole world as one of the best. In other countries students have the chance to study particular subjects that they think they will need in the further education. Of cause firstly you can think it is better to attend only some studies but on the other hand you can not be a really well educated person without any knowledge in biology, geography or history. In other countries they have good specialists in particular area and

if the doctor is specialized in a special sphere he has no idea about the other parts of human body. In Russian school you have to study about ten or fifteen subjects at the same time and only in the university you begin studying subjects, which are connection with your further profession. But during your whole life knowledge you have got at school will definitely help you. When students from other countries come to our place they are very surprised how we can learn so much

information. People who got school education in other countries say it is better to study at Russian school and our group completely agreed with them. The Unified State Exam The most theme of present interest is the Unified State Exam. That s why we decided to include it in our report. The Unified State Exam USE must consist of school final exams and entrance exams.

The innovation should make the entering within everyone s reach. It won t play any difference whether your parents are rich or not, whether you live in the center of the country or in frontier areas. For example you live in Taimyr, so you just pass the Use and send your results to any University you like, and you don t need to leave Taimyr to learn if you have entered the

University. Students now will have to take fewer exams. There are many arguments about the Use and not everyone accept it. But what is the Use It is a written test that focuses on most of school subjects. Each of the students must take math and Russian exam, and the other three subjects that you need to enter the University you want. The results are counted by 100 mark- system.

Special state commissions work to organize and held the USE. Special teachers who don t teach at schools, where the exam is held, keep an eye on students. There is also an inspector who can annul the results if the rules are broken at the exam. In end of the exam the blanks with the answers are sealed up and taken to special centers. There they are scanned and sent to the Testing center of

Education Ministry where the marks are automatically counted with the help of computers. If you are not satisfied with the results you can apply to the appeal commission. The number of University that accepts USE results is increasing. But the problem is that the Moscow Department of Education have not taken the risk to introduce the USE to all metropolitan schools, only to 50 of schools.

But all Universities except MGY will take students by the results of the USE. So now all schools have to think of all pros and cons and say their last word. At first the Moscow Department of Education considered that 50 of students would enter Universities by the results of the USE and the other 50 by traditional principle. But this variant was impossible because the mark for the same specialty can be different.

That s why many teachers have agreed that it is fairer to pick up the specialties on faculty that you can enter with the USE results. If the situation is different only unpopular faculties will take students by the USE results. But that is what the Moscow Department of Education wants to avoid. And many people enter Universities by the results of competition. It is clear that the USE is based on your school knowledge, it won t require more than you know.

Of course you have to prepare to it. But if you take just traditional exams you will have to prepare harder to it, to learn more. Some people joke that you have to study at University just to enter it. Entering University is like taking a fortress. And each storm needs serious preparation. You can prepare in different ways. What way is better We asked some students which have tried their wings and entered

Universities. The social researches showed that the most popular variant is paid prepare -courses by the University. More than a half of asked students prepared this way 55,3. On the 2-d place is to prepare with a help of a teacher 21,2, on the 3-d alone, independently 18,4. Then free courses by the university. At last about 1,4 are so clever that did not prepare at all. It is more typical for students to prepare with a teacher or on course if they want to enter state

university. And if they choose instate university they prepare themselves or on courses. It can be explained that it is easier to enter instate university as it is paid. And that s why additional work seems odd. However each variant has it s pros and cons. Prepare courses are popular. Nowadays they work by almost all universities. The main pro is that you can learn the programme of entrance exams.

You can drown in university atmosphere of lectures, seminarsthe second pro is universality. With the help of studies some fill a gap in their knowledge, some structure information in their heads. You can decide whether to go to 2-years courses, 1-year courses, 5 months courses and you can even study by internet. The third pro is that you have a chance to talk to the teachers who will be present at the exams.

If you try your best you ll be remembered and it can help in controversial situation. Students think that it s better to go to one-year courses 78,6. They paid from 300 to 800. Many students are satisfied with the correlation price- quality. Not everyone can afford a teacher. But if you have decided to enter popular university that s the right way to get qualified preparation. Good specialist can easily find weak places of a student.

As a result future student first of all get deep knowledge. Secondly you can understand what you will need on the exam, what kind of exercises are in papers and so on. It better to choose the teacher who works atthe university you are going to enter. The optimum term of preparation is one year 47,1. But the cost is extremely high 1000- 2000 , sometimes 4000.

However students find it the most effective and sure way of training. The only minus is that it is very expensive. The way of studying yourself is true only for strong-willed and purposeful people. You are the host by yourself. And that s a difficulty. Not everyone can study instead of sitting in front of the computer or going to a disco. Books won t substitute teacher s explanations.

You can hardly imagine what there will be at the exam. Despite of the fact the percentage of people who entered university after preparing themselves is high-18, 4. Many people got good knowledge at school 27,6. Believe in themselves helped them too. The main advantages of this way are that you don t need to pay money to anybody and that it is possible to study as much as you want. On lectures daily Yesterday s scholars who want to become wonderful specialists

usually choose day form of studying. Why is it so good Firstly it is daily attendance lectures and practical lessons, getting deep knowledge of future profession, private talk with professions on seminars. Secondly it is possible to get exclusive information from teacher that you can hardly find in books. Thirdly all your time and power you focus on study. You drown in the atmosphere of the institute and feel yourself real student.

There are many other advantages you can study the morning and so have the rest of the day free. Boys prefer daily form of studying because of the postponement from army. And small grand is paid. Now let s talk about disadvantages. You have to study hard and have not much free time but high tension. The second minus is that impossible to work and study simultaneously only may be a first-year student

can find energy for it. In many institutes three-four year student get experience for part-time job. It is important to get well-paid job in future. Students think that it is difficult to enter daily department. But it is not true to all institutes. If you enter paid department or instate university the situation will be different. Some students think there are many useless subjects but the specialist must develop all-round. Other minuses are doing homework, small grant, and high cost on commerce department.

In the morning Work, in the evening classes Students of different age study on evening form. They have work on the first place. They need the certificate for further career development. The advantages and disadvantages are intertwined. On the one hand evening form gives you an opportunity to study and work simultaneously. After working day in the evenings students attend classes.

On the other hand not every one can hold out such rhythm. It is much easier to enter evening department, the competition is lower, study takes less time, and homework is easier. General all level of training level of training is quite high but the volume of knowledge is less. There is no time to study yourself and learn additional literature. You have to come back home late, no grand is paid and there is no postponement from army.

Of course, unfortunately, the educational program of Russian Federation has a few problems that should be solved in the nearest future. Though the situation is becoming better these days and the educational system is being developed, but there are still a lot of things for the government to do nowadays. So we think we ought to start now. A few years ago formed some problems of educational research.

Nobody knows where they came from. But they can be divided into three main groups. The first group is the group of problems of the general character. If people could solve them, it would make the level of educational research higher. There is no system of educational points nowadays. The system is changed with the set of different facts that are formed pros in administrative report.

Another problem is the problem of the maintains character. The problem is remained and is becoming bigger. There is not enough money, which can be used for the educational research. It is necessary to make our education more technically based, for example, to introduce PC, Internet and so on. There is also no statistic, which can show our Russian professional level in other countries. We have not got enough information of real scales about

the level of employees and specialist at the beginning of their career. The last problem is the organization problem. In educational program there is a special system of collecting and working up information in which a lot of agents take part. But at the same time there is no clear distribution of rights and duties between them. Because of computers absent it is very difficult to get new information when it is necessary to make

a particular decision. We can speak about all aspects of education for a long time and of course it is very important for us to learn more about it, but we all thought we ought to include the attitude of teenagers to the education in our country. We are the future of Russia and the well-being of the country depends on us and now we would like to tell you about the results of our experiment. A few weeks ago we came up to all strangers of our age and asked them several questions.

Here are some of them Do you think it is important to enter the university Is it difficult to do it Do you think it is good to get the second higher education What is the most popular profession nowadays Where would you like to get education here in Russia or abroad What is the most popular university in Moscow Of course we got different answers but in general teenagers think it is necessary to get good

education as these days you can not do without it. To get good, interesting and well-paid job you must be a really good specialist. A lot of young people are very serious and their career takes the first place in their lives. And having children and a family of their own is less important for them. A lot of teenagers opted for the professions that contain working on a computer and the profession

of the lower as the most well paid nowadays. If person knows foreign languages it will be very helpful and useful for you to get a good job. Used Literature 1. The Constitution of Russian Federation 2. Internet 3. Where to go for studies 4. The Candidate 5. Your course

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