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Pysch Essay Research Paper Research Methods is

Pysch Essay, Research Paper

Research Methods- is when you make and test prediction of the relations between variables. Its the study of behaviour.

Variables is any condition, event, characteristic or behaviour.

Hypothesis is the prediction or statement of the relationship between two variables. It must be clear, specific, and concise.

Operational Definition is the statement on how your going to measure the variable. This qives a number to your data. Example for this would be sighs=1 frown=2 shuffling=3

When measuring variables there are 2 things to strive for;

1. Reliability which to wich the evidence is repetable over time. (ruler)

2. Validility is the degree to wich you are measuring what you intended to measure.

Theory is a organized set of hypothesis that is widely excepted as a tentative explanation of a phenomenon.In a research you want to have a cause and effect. The only way to get it is in a experiment!

Naturalistic Observation is a careful prolonged observation without interveiningwith the subjects (best for kids.) They may suffer from Evaluation Apprehension if they know you are watching them this decreases thier performance. Always watch out for experimentor bias.

Case Study is a indepth inverstagation for rare and uncommon studies. (nuclear radiation)

Serveys is a great way of testing a large group. Through a interview or questionair. Its inexpensive and not time consuming. But you have to rely on the subjects to tell the truth. They may not do this from ignorance or lack of memeory. Dont led the subject!

Experiment is when there is a cause and effect on the other variable.

Independent Variable is the one that you have control over

Dependent Variable is the one you are looking for the change in.

Crowding = independent variable

\ \ \ = dependent variable (number of agression)

5 \ \

10 \


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