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Montezuma Essay Research Paper There have been

Montezuma Essay, Research Paper

There have been many great lords and leaders in history. But

Montezuma was that and more to his people. Montezuma?s real name is

Mohtecuzomatzin. If the name was broken up: Moh means an expression of

reverence; tecuhtli means lord; zoma means brave; and tzin signifies prince.

Catus Roch is the birthplace of Montezuma. A giant celebration

was held in his births honor. At the festival, priests declared that he would be

a great ruler and priests of high wisdom. As he grew he would learn more of

the Empire. At later feasts he would eat human fingers because he was told it

was power from the gods. As a child Montezuma started winning his future

people, when he would give out food from his place. When his father died he

was to young to heir the throne so Axayacatl did. Montezuma would start

going to school to become a high priest.

Montezuma, of a young age, would see many wars and battles. He

would always remember memories of his fathers battles and he wished to be

as noble as him. When he turned twelve he began his war training.

Montezuma was dedicated in all he did., he mastered many things at a young

age, such as picture-writing. He also wanted to learn to be a warrior so that

he could help Quetzalcoatl give dominion to Aztec power. While learning he

fought some real battle and received scars for life. The scars were a symbol

for a great young warrior who does not back away. At the age of twelve

Montezuma was ready to go into real battles with other tribes.

The world of Montezuma was a strange one. It consisted of many Gods

and sacrifices. They had a god of the earth, to the sky, and the sun. The sun

of the god though , was by far one of the most important.

The sacrifices were also a big part of Montezumas? life . At battle it

did not matter how many you killed but how many you captured. The

captured would be held by pr

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