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Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay Research Paper

In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius are both considered honorable men by

the public. But, like all traits honor is in the eye of the beholder. Honor is defined as evidence

or symbols of distinction. Those who are placed in power are often chosen because of their

traits, which include being honorable. If those in power have any faults, it could diminish their

position in the eyes of the public.

Brutus is considered an honorable man by all those who live in Rome. He is a

close friend of Caesar, husband of Portia, and is also a Senator. Brutus is drawn into killing

Caesar by Cassius, who was jealous of Caesar’s degree of power. Brutus was pulled into the

scheme by letters brought to his house by Decius to make him think that the people of Rome

wanted him to replace Caesar. Brutus also feels that Caesar is being given too much power and

will destroy Rome’s democracy. Brutus’ reason for killing Caesar is to benefit Rome, he proves

this when he states”If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer:

not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” After losing to Mark Antony and

Octavious, Brutus runs onto his own sword. He sticks to his beliefs, not altering them for others.

Cassius is the leader of the conspirators. He is jealous of the power that Caesar

holds and wants for himself. Caesar says that Cassius”…Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He

thinks to much. Such men are dangerous.”, meaning that he looks sneaky and is not to be

trusted. The whole idea to kill Caesar begins with Cassius, he convinces the other Senators to

do as he wishes. Cassius commits suicide because he is afraid of what will happen to him if

Mark Antony and Octavius find him. Another reason for his suicide is because he believes that

his men have lost the battle and he does not want to face the consequences.

Brutus is the more honorable man because he continues to act upon his beliefs.

He never gives in to the ideas of others forced upon him, like Cassius’ idea to kill Caesar

because of jealousy and to receive power from the act. Brutus stated that his role in Caesar’s

murder was to help Rome not himself specifically. Even his enemy Mark Antony says of him

“This was the noblest Roman of them all.” To be known as honorable by your enemies is to

definitely be an honorable man.


Tragedy of Julius Caesar- Shakespeare

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