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Women Have More Difficulties Than Men In

The Modern World Essay, Research Paper

In the last year alone fifty five percent of women around the world were suffering from depression, nausea and stroke. Even worse five women out of ten are committing suicide. All of these cases and many more happening around the world and are raising a lot questions. These problems can not just be coincidences, they most have a case that is present all over the world. The most probable reason is that women have more difficulties than men in the modern world, and it is becoming more clear day by day.

Women have been fighting for many years for the right to work. Even now that they are able to work there are not a lot of good opportunities available. In many countries women are considered incapable of working as well as men. As a result women have to agree to a lower payment and harder duties to be able to find a job. If they do not free to do so the job will go to men. Women in some countries are not allowed to work in places which have many men employees. There for women have to search for businesses or companies which do not have many men employees. Also some businesses that work with heavy machinery and products do not hire women. They do not conceder women as strong, but there are a lot of women who are stronger than men. These restrictions narrow the work opportunities for women. If women are to have better job opportunities men have to believe in them and for that women have to work hard.

Women are working harder than men, they have to go to work just like men, however men can rest after work and women their work is just beginning. When women come back home tired they have to clean up the chairs, carpets, garbage bin and much more. They also have to take care of the children. Helping them in their homeworks and their personal problems. If they are sick mothers are the ones that do not sleep. They stay up every night and take care of the children, sitting beside their beds and helping them get trough unti they are well again. Women are in charge of preparing and most of the time buying food. They have to pprepare the food for hte children to take to school and also the food they ear befor school. This is difficult task if you have to do it every single day. The technology of the modern day has eased the work for men but it has maid it harder for women. Everything has to be done fast now days and women have to work harder to coap with it.

This world is known as a fair world which men and women have the same provileges, but it is not always true. Women in many countries are not allowed to participate in politics. In U.S.A there has never been a women president. Women have no support in the government. Elizabith Dole was runnig for presidency but was force to quit from lack of support. In many moslem countries women are not allowed to become judges. The government claims that women are emotional, and this emotion will interfere in their hudgment. This is a poor excuse which keeps women from becoming a judge and following a carries which they like. In many countries women are not allwed to vote. The government says that women are not in the same level of understanding the law as men. They do not know politics because the government does not allow women tostudy politics. Women should not pay the price for the government’s mistake. They should be allowed to work and study as they like. This is not right, women should have a hand in thee controll of the country. If women are not allow to participate in the government and important part of that country is missing.

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