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Competition For Grades Essay Research Paper In

Competition For Grades Essay, Research Paper

In the world today competition is all around. In sports, much fierce

competition is shown. All athletes compete for one thing and one thing

only, which is a national championship. Competition also exists in the

workplace. Employees will try and beat the other employee for the highest

rank in the business. However, out of all of this competition, the most

intense, exists in school. Students compete for popularity, classes, spots on

sports teams and most of all grades. Through this competition for grades

students negatively suffer socially, mentally and physically. Therefore,

competition for grades has an unhealthy influence on students.

When students compete for grades he suffers with his social life.

When a student begins to compete for a grade, he may result in cheating.

When he cheats off of someone and maybe gets caught, he will get

suspended. Once he gets suspended, his parents will be very disappointed in

him. Once his parents find out they may ground him for a while. He may

then not be able to compete in after school activities and he could lose his

friends. Hence, when a student competes for grades, he suffers socially.

Furthermore, competing for grades has negative physical effects on a

student. When a student begins to over study, he may begin to become very

tired as well. When a student is tired and trying to study, he may resort to

pills. The pills will keep him awake longer. While he stays awake, he may

begin to overeat. When overeating, he may become obese. Becoming

obese may put a lot of extra stress on him. From this extra stress he may

also develop ulcers too. Thus, when students begin to compete for grades, it

has devastating effects on his body.

Moreover, in school, in school students suffer mentally when competing

for grades. A student may develop depression as his grades begin to fall.

When this happens, the student’s self-esteem drops, and he could lose all

self-confidence. Once this happens, a student may make a last ditch effort to

turn it around, and he may begin to over study. When a student starts to

over study, he pushes himself so much that he may go over the edge, and he

even may start to blank on test. Blanking on a test may hurt the student’s

grades even more then they already were. Now, since the grades are even

worse, the parents could become disappointed in their child. He may think

everyone is against him. This may turn him to the thought of suicide to

escape all of his worries. In conclusion, many students suffer mentally when

competing for a grade.

Therefore, competition for grades has an unhealthy influence on students.

Students lose their social lives while competing for grades. They also suffer

physically. The greatest problem of all when a student competes for grades

is they undergo great mental hardship.

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