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Atomic Bomb Essay Research Paper Was Atomic

Atomic Bomb Essay, Research Paper

Was Atomic Bomb Necessary?

August 6th, 1945, 70,000 lives were ended in a matter of seconds. The United States had dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. Today many argue over whether or not the US

should have taken such a drastic measure. Was it entirely necessary that we drop such a devastating weapon? Yes, it was.

First, we must look at what was going on at the time the decision was made. The US had been fighting a massive war since 1941. Morale was most likely low, and resources were probably at

the same level as morale. However, each side continued to fight, and both were determined to win. Obviously, the best thing that could have possibly happened would have been to bring the war to a quick end, with a minimum of casualties. What would have happened had the A-bomb not been used? The most obvious thing is that the war would have continued. US

forces; therefore, would have had to invade the home island of Japan. Imagine the number of casualties that could have occurred if this would have happened! Also, Allied Forces would not only have to fight off the Japanese military, but they would have to defend themselves against the civilians of Japan as well. It was also a fact that the Japanese government had been equipping the commoners with any kind of weapon they could get their hands on. It is true that this could mean a Japanese citizen could have anything from a gun to a spear, but many unsuspecting soldiers might have fallen victim to a surprise spear attack! The number of deaths that would have occurred would have been much greater, and an invasion would have taken a much longer period of time. The Japanese would have continued to fight the US with all of what they had; spears, guns, knives, whatever they could get their hands on, just as long as they continued to fight the enemy.

A counter argument for dropping the A bomb is that Japan was so low on resources due to the US blockade and could not resist for a long time. Japan obviously was very low on resources, however, Japanese civilians were ready to die with spears in their hands, surely the military

would do the same. Besides, the Japanese military did still have some resources to go on. So again I must bring out the fact that Japan could have continued to fight, and they would have. And I?m sure anyone can realize what would happen if the war continued; more deaths. It was the atomic bomb that forced Japan to surrender and in turn saved thousands if not millions of lives.

I don?t believe that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the best places to bomb, due to the high civilian numbers; however, it is still my belief that the Atomic Bomb was necessary to end the war. Also, leaflets and warnings had been issued to the people of those cities warning them of an attack. Some say that the United States should have warned what kind of attack it would have

been. This however seems ridiculous to me. It shouldn?t matter what kind of warning is given, a threat under such conditions should be taken seriously. I do not believe the second A-Bomb was necessary, it was dropped merely to show the supreme power of US government and warn USSR under Stalin?s rule. After the first bomb US government should have waited. The first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 and the second was dropped on Nagasaki three days later on 9th. The bombs caused a horrible destruction which was never seen before and the radioactive effects have been carried on over generations. I am certain that despite other arguments, the Atomic Bomb was a

necessity. Without it, the number of men that would have died on both sides far surpasses that of the number that were killed in the droppings of both Atomic Bombs. Let?s face it, the goal of

waging war is victory with minimum losses on one?s own side, and if possible a minimum amount of losses on the enemy?s side. The Atomic Bomb cut losses to a minimum and drew war to an end quickly. It was a military necessity. However the second bomb was unnecessary and I believe was only dropped to assure political superiority for the post war era.



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