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Growth Of Human Population Essay Research Paper

Essay on Growth of Humans

The human population has grown so much over the last 1000 years. It has increased by about six billion people. Some reasons for this are, we have better medicines now because people are being educated better, therefore, people are living longer. Farming has improved because farmers have learned more about pest control and better watering systems. Another reason is improved sanitation conditions. Chemicals are kept away from humans. For example, Cholera is very terrible disease that is caused by a chemical in our sewers.

Overpopulation can have terrible effects on our earth. There are too many demands on our resources that humans need to live. The forest’s trees are being cut down to build more homes. With an increased need for crops, the farmers can’t produce enough in that short amount of time. The more people also mean more cars, therefore, a bigger demand for oil.

No, I do not think that population growth should be controlled. Every person should have the right to choose how many people they want in their own family. The government should not choose for other people. The only thing the government should choose is how many people they want in their own family. In China, there is a penalty for having more than one child. You must have to pay much higher taxes if you have more than one. If you only have one, that child has his schooling paid for and taxes are much lower for the family. The parents are also guaranteed a job. The people in the U.S.A. should not have a penalty for having more than one child.

In conclusion I think that the growth population is not necessarily good, but we should not control other peoples lives by telling them how many kids they can have.

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